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Minutes 03.15.2013

President:  Gene English*

Vice President: Mary-Ann Remstad

Secretary: Fred Daris*

Treasurer:  Carol Gill*

Members at Large:      Sharon Gardner*         Robert Namowicz*                   Mike Foyteck*

                                    Robert Schaffer           Doug Foyteck                           Therese Williams*

            *in attendance

Also in attendance-DLPOA members: Ken Gill, Marie Daris, Sharon Hurlbert, Betty Wagner

  •        Gene English called the meeting to order at 8:12 am
  •        February 8 minutes approved.
  •        Carol Gill presented the financial report.  The balance as of 03-15-2013 is $7934.61. The survey question of continuing to have a  Sheriff Patrol of the lake in the summer has an initial response of 21 for, 8 against, and 3 abstaining to the majority.  Of the 30 people who have paid their 2013 dues, 21 said that they would be attending the annual DLPOA meeting.  She stated that Norm Froeschke is interested in joining the board.
  •        One of our lake members meet with Pat Kittle (Township Supervisor) and Paul Brown (Township Treasurer) to discuss the Townships position on the approval process for marina permits on Deer Lake. Since there were closed-door meetings to the public. Mr. Kittle was asked what information does the Township have to share with our Lake Board and association members.  He stated that the closed-door meeting was not handled properly and that he would do a better job of informing the DLPOA board.

 Sharon Gardner made a motion: That the DLPOA pay for a position paper by Attorney Clifford H. Bloom (or representative) on the legal requirements for marinas and permit approvals on Deer Lake.  Seconded by Gene English.  Unanimously approve.  Sharon Gardner volunteered to be the point person to work with Mr. Bloom.

 Mr. Bloom will be presenting his views of riparian rights at the DEQ conference being held in Bay City, Michigan on May 27, 2013.


  •      Wild ones update: Emily Du Thinh (Oakland County Phragmites & Invasive Species Task Force (OPIS) gave a presentation on erraticating Phragmites and alert of Phragmites control on White Lake Road. Phragmites can reduce the property values of homes, pose a significant fire risk (as witnessed at Great Lakes Crossing), affect the flow in septic fields and have a detrimental impact on water quality & wild life. The plant has roots are 10 feet long and can’t be eliminated by mowing or burning. Small patches can be removed by chemical application in August & early September.  She will be making a presentation at the DLPOA annual meeting, so details will not be entered into the minutes.  The main goal is to educate people and get support.  There are significant patches of the plant at the North Shore of Deer Lake and around Dixie Highway and White Lake Road.

 Sharon Gardner made a motion: That the DLPOA should apply for a $75.00 permit for the eradication of Phragmites around Deer Lake, which would include the business corridor and subdivisions abutting the lake.  The contractor will be the same one used by the Township for the Phragmites on White Lake Road. Seconded by Rob Namowicz.  Unanimously approved.

Therese Williams made a motion: That a task force be established to identify Phragmites around the lake and inform each owner of the presence of them on their land. Seconded by Sharon Gardner.  Unanimously approved.

 A general contractor may be the most practical and economical way to eliminate the plant.

Video taping of Ms. Du Thinh presentation will be made at the annual meeting for future education.  Rob Namowicz to be the point person and call Joe Barnhart (248-673-9581) to schedule the taping.


  •   Elizabeth Wagner is to contact St. Daniel’s Parish for the availability of a larger conference room for next  board meeting.
  •   Meeting adjourned at 9:44


The next meeting will be held on Friday, Friday, April 5, 2013, 8:00 AM Location Brioni’s:

 –  AGENDA DLPOA meeting April 5, 2013:

–       Call to Order

–       Approval of March 15 meeting minutes

–       Financial report

–       Lake quality monitoring & update

–       Wild Ones update

–       Marina Status

–       Website update

–       Annual meeting discussion & assignments

–       New Business