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Minutes 6-1-2012

Deer Lake Property Owners’ Association Board Meeting
Minutes: June 1, 2012

President:  Gene English
Vice President: Mary-Ann Remstad*
Secretary: Fred Daris*
Treasurer:  Carol Gill*
Members at Large:

  • Sharon Gardner
  • Robert Namowicz*    
  • Robert Schaffer
  • Doug Foyteck
  • Therese Williams

    *in attendance

Also in attendance-DLPOA committee members:  Rick Gutowski, Marie Daris, Mike Foyteck

  • Mary-Ann Remsted called the meeting to order at 8:12 am.  Since a quorum was not achieved, this is only a discussion meeting.
  • The May 4, 2012 meeting minute’s approval was deferred to July 6 meeting.
  • Carol Gill presented the financial report. The balance as of 6-01-2012 is $6746.45.  Twenty property owners have not paid their dues.
  •  Mike Foyteck gave an update of the addition of boat slips and docks on Deer Lake. He filed a complaint with the DEQ on unauthorized use of docks & moored boats.  M. Foose is the DEQ agent that said that this is part of a long list of complaints.  It appears that this avenue for resolution is mute and another way must be established.
  • R. Namowicz stated that the Township is not enforcing the lease agreement that was established with the City of the Village Clarkston. Complaints to the township may be a way to enforce the laws and protect the property value of Deer Lake residence.
  • Sue Julienne  (North Oakland County Headwater) reviewed the platted land with Ken Gill.  The dock and boats moored at the Northeast shore on Deer Lake are on the bottomland owned by the N. Oakland County headwaters. She is supportive of the removal of boats & docks from this area.  She is to contact David Poole (Building Dept of Independence Township) for the enforcement by the Township. She has yet to make the call.
  • Marie Daris stated that a class action suit against the Township to either enforce the ordinances or lower the property taxes might be another avenue to choose. Note: Deer Lake property owners contribute approximately $750,000 to the tax base of Independence Township.
  • Fred Daris is to compile a one page summary of the various marine violations being sited, the laws being violated, status & required action to be taken.
  • Gooses round up to occur in the middle of June.
  • Deer Lake water monitoring is underway. Spring phosphorus water samples were delivered to the DEQ.
  • Sheriff patrol of Deer Lake began on the Memorial Day weekend.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:08.

The next meeting will be held on Friday, July 6, 2012 at 8:00 AM at:
Brioni Café & Deli
7151 N Main St
Clarkston, MI 48346

June 1, 2012 –  AGENDA :

  • Approval of May 4, 2012 and June 1, 2012  meeting minutes
  • Financial report
  • Marine Patrol status
  • Goose Rround-up status
  • Lake quality monitoring & update
  • Wild Ones update
  • Marina Status &Lake owners meeting with Township personell – status
  • New Business

Respectfully submitted,
Fred Daris