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Minutes 5-18-2012 – Anti-Keyholing

Minutes of Anti-Keyholing Meeting May 18, 2012

Deer Lake residents in attendance:

Gene English,  Mary-Ann Remstad, Fred Daris,  Carol Gill, Doug Foyteck, Theresa Williams, Sharon Hurlbert, Rick Gutowski, Marie Daris, Michael Foyteck

Gene English called the meeting to order at 8:08 am. Note: This meeting is called specifically to address the addition of docks, boats, and marinas on Deer Lake by non-riparian lot owners.

Mike Foyteck opened the meeting explaining the situation of boat mooring, construction of a dock, and boatlifts, which are installed illegally on Deer Lake by non-riparian lot owners.  There are no permits from either the DEQ or Independence Township for the installation of a dock, boatlifts, and boat mooring. He has met with David Poole & David Belcher on the matter and appears to have their support. He has reviewed the deed restrictions of the non-riparian lots on Deer Lake.  The property at the Knolls has no recorded deed and the Township didn’t have a record either.  He was told by David Poole to go to the Oakland County Records for a copy of the deeds.

Mike has set up a meeting with the David Poole, David Belcher, Bart Clark and Rick Carlisle of the Township to address the problem.  It is schedules for May 28, 2012, at 10:00am at the Township Offices. Township attendees of the meeting will be David Poole, David Belcher, Rick Carlisle, and Bart Clark. The Deer Lake property owners that will be present are Mike Foyteck Gene English, Rick Gutowski, and Joe Coluchi.

A general discussion among the attendees was made on the best way to present the issue to the Township.  The addition of non-riparian boats will reduce the value of property on Deer Lake. The anti-keyholing ordinance that prevents the addition of boats by non-riparian owners is being violated. Violation of deed restrictions may not be of interest to the township but it could be used latter for civil action.

The consensus was that Mike Foyteck will present the issue at hand to the Township representatives.
The question to be asked of the Township is, what is the action that the township is to take to enforce the anti-keyholing ordinance and have the docks, boat lifts, and moored boats removed?

If no action is to be taken, Rick Gutowski suggested that the Township earmark a portion of the taxes collected on Deer Lake property owners be used to enforce the ordinance. It was also suggested that the Sheriff’s Patrol sponsored by the DLPOA be given the responsibility.  They may decline and only focus on safety violation. If this was to occur then an enforcement officer with the Township’s approval, may have to be hired. More to come on this.

Marie Daris stated that if there is no action to be taken by the Township, then a class action suit be made to reduce all Deer Lake
Residence property tax.

Carol Gill stated that the property parcels on Deer Lake could be reviewed using the property ID in the township’s assessment web page and cross-referencing to the Oakland County Records. This will give the names of each parcel’s owners.

Mike Foyteck is to draft a presentation for the meeting with the Township on Thursday.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48