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Minutes 3-30-2012

Deer Lake Property Owners’ Association Board Meeting
Minutes: March 30, 2012
(Note: This meeting was held a week earlier due to school spring recess.)

President: Gene EnglishVice President: Mary-Ann Remstad*
Secretary: Fred Daris acting) Treasurer: Carol Gill*

Members at Large:

  • Fred Daris*
  • Sharon Gardner
  • Robert Namowicz*

  • Robert Schaffer
  • Doug Foyteck
  • Theresa Williams*

*in attendance
Also in attendance-DLPOA committee members: Sharon Hurlbert, Rick Gutowski, Marie Daris

  • Fred Daris called the meeting to order at 8:09 am.
  • The March2, 2012 meeting minutes were approved.
  • Carol Gill presented the financial report. The balance as of 3-30-2012 is $7457.33.
  • The annual meeting for the DLPOA will be:
    • Date: April 6th
    • Location: Fire Station #1 – Citation Drive Time 7:30 PM.
  • The results of the survey sent out to the DLPOA members were discussed. Twenty-eight households responded to the question, “Should the DLPOA continue to sponsor the Oakland County Marine Patrol for 2012?” Twenty-three were in favor of the patrol, three were against, and one deferred their vote to the majority. The board members approved the Patrol for 2012. The total amount is not to exceed $2,500. The patrol times were discussed and that it would be more beneficial for the patrol to be at the later hours than the early morning hours. Rob Namowicz will set up a time schedule for the patrol to follow. Ken Gill will spearhead the contract for the Marine Patrol with Ken Elwert from the Independence Township Parks, Recreation & Seniors director.
  • The new residents of Deer Lake were sent out “welcome Packages”. Sharon Hurlbert is to call them inviting them to the annual meeting.
  • The agenda for the annual meeting for the DLPOA was discussed & finalized.
  • Lawn care & fertilizer was discussed. The use of phosphorous-free fertilizer is recommended since it has less of an environmental impact on the water quality. The DEQ recommendation is to fertilize only in the spring and late fall. The grass in the summer normally goes dormant in the hot weather and fertilizer is not required.
  • The term of duties for the officers and board members was discussed. All officers are to begin the second year of their term this April. A membership announcement will be made at the DLPOA annual meeting for anyone interested in joining.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:06.

The next meeting will be held on Friday, May 4, 2012 at 8:00 AM at: Brioni Cafe & Deli 7151 N Main St Clarkston, Ml 48346

May 4, 2012- AGENDA:

  • Approval of March 30, 2012 meeting minutes
  • Financial report
  • Deer Lake Beach Grant – update
  • Marine Patrol status
  • Goose Round-up
  • Lake quality monitoring & update
  • Wild Ones update
  • New Business

Respectfully submitted, Fred Daris