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Minutes 3-2-2012
Deer Lake Property Owners’ Association Board Meeting
Minutes: March 02, 2012

President:  Gene English
Vice President: Mary-Ann Remstad*
Secretary: Fred Daris (acting)
Treasurer:  Carol Gill*
Members at Large:

  • Fred Daris*
  • Sharon Gardner*
  • Robert Namowicz    
  • Robert Schaffer*
  • Doug Foyteck*
  • Theresa Williams

    *in attendance
Also in attendance-DLPOA committee members:  Sharon Hurlbert

  • May-Ann Remsted called the meeting to order at 8:13 am.
  • The February meeting minutes were approved with addition of parks & rec for grant.
  • Carol Gill presented the financial report – Balance as of 3-02-2012 is $6433.13. This includes $1700 dues for members and $113.50 for postage and mailing of dues notification.
  • The annual meeting for the DLPOA will be:     Date: April16th
  • Location: Fire Station #1 – Citation Drive
  • Time 7:30 PM.
  • The agenda for the annual meeting was discussed.  The affects of Ashleigh’s Law on boaters and certification, marine patrol, water testing & video, cooperative lake monitoring program, nominations for officers, treasurer’s report, fragmities control, McNalms conference, and gate key & boat sticker distribution will be finalized at the March 30, 2012 meeting.  Tammie Heazlit will be the guest speaker on the environment and lake quality.
  • The sponsoring of the marine patrol of Deer Lake by the DLPOA was discussed. The initial response from the membership is 16 for continuing the patrol & 2 against.  The decision to determine if a marine patrol will be sponsored by the DLPOA  for 2012 will be made at the March 30 meeting.
  • The 51st lake & stream association conference will be held on April 27/28th at Boyne.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:14.

The next meeting will be held on Friday, March 30, 2012 at 8:00 AM at:
Brioni Café & Deli
7151 N Main St
Clarkston, MI 48346

March 30, 2012 –  AGENDA :

  • Approval of March meeting minutes
  • Financial report
  • Deer Lake Beach Grant – update
  • Discussion of Marine Patrol & direction for 2012
  • Finalize DLPOA annual meeting – agenda + presentors + volunteers
  • Lake quality update
  • New Business

Respectfully submitted,
Fred Daris